Arlington High School PTSA
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Go Tigers!

Welcome to the Arlington High School PTSA! 

Be sure to stop by our PTSA Table and join for the school year. PTA Dues are $6.
Registration times:
New Students: 7:30 - 11:30am & 1-6pm
Grades 11 & 12: 8am - 9:30am
Grades 9 & 10: 9:30am - 11:30am
If you are unable to attend your assigned time must register between 11:30am and 6:00pm


We're happy to help serve the teachers and students of Arlington High School in Arlington, Tennessee.

The school's address is 5475 Airline Road, Arlington, Tennessee. To learn more about the school, visit the AHS website by clicking here.

The PTSA is looking forward to the new school year, and welcomes the opportunity to work with parents and other volunteers to support our school! Don't forget to join the PTSA and get involved with the school in any way you can. It makes a big difference to our students!

Join your AHS PTSA  -  It's Never to Late to Join!  
Get more information about AHS PTSA membership and a form HERE

We'd love to have you join the AHS PTSA and help support the school. Membership is just $6 per person, and $25 for a family of five. Here are some answers to the most-asked questions about PTSA membership:

Why is PTSA Membership Important?

The PTA is the largest advocacy organization for children in the U.S. Each member (faculty, parent, community leader, friend, relative, stakeholder) adds up, one by one, to make a loud voice for our students at Arlington High School. Add our AHS voice to the Shelby County Council PTA voice (38,000 members strong), then we have a louder voice for issues concerning education. Add those to the Tennessee PTA voice (104,000 members), and we have an even larger voice in Nashville. Finally, put those numbers with the five million PTA members nationally, and you have a strong, active presence in Washington. Your membership counts and truly speaks volumes.

What do our membership dues pay for?

A portion goes to the council, state, and national PTA to utilize to promote and support the local units.  The remainder stays here at Arlington High School supporting our programs and goals.  With membership dues, donations, and our annual silent auction, the Arlington High School sponsors programs such as a mock car crash, seminars, a senior scholarship, special grants to teachers and staff, a teacher luncheon and so much more! 

 What are my benefits to Membership?

Because of the size of our organization, PTA is able to partner with businesses and negotiate special discounts, fundraising opportunities, and other valuable benefits exclusively for PTA members. When you make purchases from these companies, not only will you receive a discount, but National PTA will also receive a percentage of royalties from the sale.  Some of the companies offering benefits are:  Staples, Hertz, MetLife, Sharp, TMobile, eTrak, AARP, and iFocus.  Go to for more information. 

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